In the regenerated man the height and the depth become one the Spirit communeth with the spirit and the soul is the 'inter-ens', or 'ens inter-medium' between the life and the spirit; the 'participium', not as a compound, however, but as a 'medium indifferens' in the same sense in which heat may be designated as the indifference between light and gravity. And what is the Reason?

Que la paix enfin nous rallie! Plus d'ingrats ni de mecontens, O triomphe de la patrie! Plus de Francais indifferens. bis. "Revenez phalanges guerrieres, Heros vengeurs de mon pays, Au sein d'une epouse, d'un pere, De vos parens, de vos amis, Revenez dans votre patrie Apres tant d'effrayans hazards, Trouver ce qui charme la vie, L'amitie, l'amour, et les arts. bis.

To say nothing here of the homonymy of the word indifferent, but to take it in that signification which concerneth our present purpose, it signifieth such a mean betwixt good and evil in human actions, as is alike distant from both these extremes, and yet susceptive of either of them. Indifferens, saith Calepin, is that quod sua natura neque bonum est neque malum.

A curious pair of "poles" the two made; the mesothet whereof, by no means a "punctum indifferens," but a true connecting spiritual idea, stood on the table in the whisky-bottle. Farmer Porter was evidently big with some great thought, and had all a true poet's bashfulness about publishing the fruit of his creative genius.

Why doth he also waver from himself; for he citeth out of the Helvetic Confessor Jerome’s definition of a thing indifferent, and approveth it. Indifferens, saith he, illud est quod nec bonum nec malum est, ut sive feceris sive non feceris, nec justitiam habeas nec injustitiam. Sect. 1. For our better light in this question I will premit these considerations, 1.