He failed to finish the sentence. Happily she divined his wish. "Oh," she said, "I am called Gul-Bahar by those who love me dearest, though my real name is Lael." "By which am I to call you?" "Good-by," she continued, passing his question, and the look of doubt which accompanied it. "Good-by the Princess will send for me to-morrow."

"'Tis nothing," he reflected "nothing! The boy is in love, and allowing his passion to make a fool of him. I have only to see my pretty Gul-Bahar does not return the madness." Deciding then to make inquiry and satisfy himself who the young admirer was, he dismissed the subject. Presently Nilo turned into a street of some width compared with the generality of thoroughfares in the city.

Better things are not to be looked for in a generation given to dress as a chief ambition. And then it may be, O my Gul-Bahar" he kissed her as he uttered the endearment "it may be he of whom you complain does not know who you are. A word may cure him of his bad manners. Do not appear to notice him.

When at last he fell asleep on his pillow of straw the vision which tarried with him was of walking with Gul-Bahar in the garden behind the Homeric palace at Therapia, and it was exceedingly pleasant.

Thou art a Jew not a Hebrew, or an Israelite, mark thee but in the contemptuous Gentile sense, a Jew. She, our gentle Gul-Bahar, hath her beating of heart from blood thou gavest her. I also am a Jew. Now, of the classes in Byzantium, which is it by whom hate of Jews is the article of religion most faithfully practised?

Did not some one tell thee of what I have on hand, and how I am working to finish it in time to take the water with thee this afternoon? Answer, O my Gul-Bahar, more beautiful growing as the days multiply!" The Lael of the son of Jahdai, the Gul-Bahar of the mysterious Prince, was much grown, and otherwise greatly changed since we saw her last.