This view must have been very much finer before warehouses and factory-like buildings came to spoil the river-side scenery, but even now it has qualities which are unique. Facing the west end of the church, the most striking gabled front of the Maison Dieu forms part of one side of the open space.

During M. Jules Ferry's last administration, when the rage for 'Communal schools' set in, this tempting site had been seized upon, the interesting old place levelled, and a factory-like red-brick pile rapidly erected in its place. It was impossible not to feel a pang at this discovery; I felt that Calais without its Dessein's had lost its charm.

"Considering the populous country we're in, you could hardly find a more isolated place." Hilliard nodded as they turned away. "I've just been thinking that. They could carry on any tricks they liked there and no one would be a bit the wiser." They moved on towards the factory-like building.

I saw the guns belching death and destruction, destined for men miles away. It was high angle fire, of course, directed by observers in the air. But even that seemed part of the sheer, factory-like industry of war. There was no passion, no coming to grips in hot blood, here. Orders were given by the battery commander and the other officers as the foreman in a machine shop might give them.

Yet it was not Northern either. The factory-like outline of facade was partly hidden in Cherokee rose and jessamine. A long roofed gallery connected the buildings and became a veranda to one.

The tendency of these utilitarian times may well occasion an unpleasant concern in the lovers of English rural scenery. What changes may come in the wake of the farmer's steam-engine, steam- plough, or under the smoke-shadows from his factory-like chimney, these recent "improvements" may suggest and induce. One can see in any direction he may travel these changes going on silently.

The United States Branch Mint stood very near it, and its tall, factory-like chimneys overshadowed my cousin's roof. Some scandal had arisen from an alleged leakage of gold in the manipulation of that metal during the various processes of smelting and refining. One of the excuses offered was the volatilization of the precious metal and its escape through the draft of the tall chimneys.

They mean to rebuild the last. All the people are Germans, and I found here many relatives of persons I had met at Aurora. The town has much the same characteristic features as Aurora, except that it has not the exceptionally large and factory-like dwellings.

The stucco with which the house had been originally covered had blackened under the influence of time, weather, and the smoke from the Tressady coalpits. Altogether, what with its pitchy colour, its mean windows, its factory-like plainness and height, Ferth Place had no doubt a cheerless and repellent air, which was increased by its immediate surroundings.

Here I lived, au premier au dessous du soleil, in the enjoyment of no end of fresh air, especially in winter, and a brilliant prospect up and down the street and over the roofs of the houses across the way, which reached from the Pantheon on the one side, to the peaked roofs and factory-like chimneys of the Tuileries on the other, the dome of the Hôtel des Invalides occupying the centre of the picture.