Incidental to this, and only incidental, is the following: Shortly after I purchased my property, as I was very fond of calling my little farm, in Rensselaer County, I was in Albany one day when it occurred to me that I wanted a carpet for my parlor. I went to the store of a well-known carpet-dealer, and asked to be shown some of his goods.

Wallner handed him the paper in silence. The landlord read it attentively, and seemed to compare the two with the description in the passport. "H'm!" he said, "the carpet-dealer and his son that corresponds to what the passport says; but where is the bundle of carpets?" Anthony Wallner gave a slight start; he recovered his presence of mind immediately, however, and said calmly,

You are no longer the brave commander of the sharpshooters of Windisch-Matrey, but Siebermeier, the carpet-dealer, a very peaceable man, who does not take his rifle and powder-pouch with him on his travels." "You are right, Lizzie. But it is hard indeed to flee without arms, and to be defenceless even in case of an attack by the enemy.

I also arranged all my money matters in a manner that I felt assured would be satisfactory to me, if not to my opponent, and then, following the advice of my friend, the carpet-dealer, I let the hardware man sue and be "benefited if he could."

Yes, that is help in need. Now I will try with God's aid to escape. You, Lizzie, will return to mother, and bring her a thousand greetings from me; and as soon as I am across the frontier, you shall hear from me." "I must go with you, father," said Eliza, smiling. "The passport is valid for Siebermeier, the carpet-dealer, and his son.

He gave Theon a letter from Democrates to take to your Babylonian opposite; Theon must hunt up Seuthes, a Corinthian, and worm out of him when and how he was leaving Athens. Agis promised Theon a gold stater if all was right.” Phormio whistled. “You mean the carpet-dealer here? By Athena’s owls, there is no light in his window to-night!”

"Well, you are an odd chap, any how," said the carpet-dealer, laughing, and shaking me by the hand. Almost from that moment we were more than mere acquaintances, we were fast friends.

It was this little circumstance, I think my chance meeting with my old fellow-prisoner, and my changed circumstances and appearance which put me beyond recognition by him that prompted me to the somewhat brazen business that followed: "I only came in to look to-day," I said to the carpet-dealer; "for the precise sum of money in my pocket at present is eighteen pence, and no more; but if you will cut me off forty yards of that piece of carpeting, and trust me for it, I will pay your bill in a few days, as sure as I live."