In King's Mews, Great Church Lane, Cipriani, the historical painter and engraver, lived at one time. He died here in 1785. The entrance to Bradmore House, the oldest house in Hammersmith, is in the lane. The grounds stretch out a long way eastward, and one or two old cedars are still growing here.

I was due at the station, I was cutting it pretty fine as it was. 'You didn't speak to him, or to the cabman? 'No, it wasn't any business of mine you understand. The whole thing just caught my eye as I was passing. 'And you didn't take the cabman's number? 'No, well, as far as that goes it wasn't needful. I know the cabman, his name and all about him, his stable's in Bradmore.

I have not seen so fine a prospect in any other town in England. I now came through several villages, as Ruddington, Bradmore, and Buny, to Castol, where I stayed all night. This whole afternoon I heard the ringing of bells in many of the villages. Probably it is some holiday which they thus celebrate.

Turner, who in 1736 sold the house to Elijah Impey, father of Sir Elijah Impey, Chief Justice of Bengal. He divided the modern part built by Mr. Ferne from the older building, and called it Bradmore House, and under this name it was used as a school for more than a century.

In 1647 Cromwell removed his quarters from Isleworth to Hammersmith, and "when he was at Sir Nicholas Crispe's house, the headquarters were near the church." The general officers were quartered at Butterwick, now Bradmore House, then the property of the Earl of Mulgrave. PERAMBULATION. The first thing noticeable after crossing the boundary from Kensington is St. Paul's School.

And when we had donned our Liberty gowns we went out to dinner, the husband walking, the wife in a bath chair, drawn by an ancient member of an ancient and close fraternity the "chairmen" of old Oxford. Almost immediately opposite to us in the Bradmore Road lived Walter Pater and his sisters.

I whipped out my note-book. 'Give me his address. 'I don't know what his Christian name is, Tom, I believe, but I'm not sure. Anyhow his surname's Ellis and his address is Church Mews, St John's Road, Bradmore, I don't know his number, but any one will tell you which is his place, if you ask for Four-Wheel Ellis, that's the name he's known by among his pals because of his driving a four-wheeler.