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He also discusses the case of Abraxas grossulariata and its variety lacticolor, and other cases of sex-linked heredity, apparently with the idea that all such cases are similar to those of sexual dimorphism.

There are several interesting relics from the stone coffins discovered under the choir in 1829, including a papal absolution cross, an abraxas ring and a twelfth-century silver chalice and paten. These are displayed in a case by the wall. In the north choir aisle is a beautiful altar cloth in a glass case.

These "sound truths of practical Christianity" consist in a total subversion, not only of Christianity, but of all morality; the very words virtue and vice being but lazy synonymes of prudence and miscalculation, and which ought to be expunged from our vocabularies, together with Abraxas and Abracadabra, as charms abused by superstitious or mystic enthusiasts. Ib. p. 94.

According to Doncaster it has been found that in some Lepidoptera the different sex-chromosomes occur in the female, not in the male as in other insects. Half the eggs, therefore, contain an X chromosome, and half a Y, while all the sperms contain an X chromosome. Doncaster has seen in Abraxas grossulariata ova with two nuclei both undergoing maturation.

"Well, but I have seen my notion embodied, seen it take breath, seen it depart from Morven in all respects, except for a little limping which, do you know, I thought rather graceful? in well-nigh all respects, I repeat, quite indistinguishable from the embodied notions of that master craftsman whom some call Ptha, and others Jahveh, and others Abraxas, and yet others Koshchei the Deathless.

One example in the barred character of the feathers in the breed of fowls called Plymouth Rock. In this the female is heterozygous for sex as in Abraxas grossulariata, and the barred character is sex-linked. When a barred hen is crossed with an unbarred cock all the male offspring are barred, all the females plain.

He was a fair Hebrew scholar, and also had a knowledge of Sanscrit, Arabic, and Persian. His passion for philology was deep-rooted. He was a no less ardent numismatist. Moreover, he was deeply versed in amulet-lore. He wrote a treatise upon 'amulets' and their inscriptions. All this was after the death of his first wife. He had a large collection of amulets, Gnostic gems, and abraxas stones.

Solomon had his seal, by which he commanded all daemons; and there is a whole literature of curious nonsense, which you may read if you will, about the Abraxas and other talismans of the Gnostics in Syria; and another, of the secret virtues which were supposed to reside in gems: especially in the old Roman and Greek gems, carved into intaglios with figures of heathen gods and goddesses.

We still possess the traces of the Gnostic astrology in a number of amulets and engraved gems, with the word Abraxas or rather Abrasax and other emblems of their superstition, which they kept as charms against diseases and evil spirits. The word Abrasax may be translated Hurt me not.

The old man's last words were lost in a convulsive sob. "Who is this woman?" cried Manlius, springing from his chair. "This woman is my daughter," gasped Mesembrius. "Glyceria?" "Abraxas!" The old man fairly shouted the word used to ward off evil, and shuddered with loathing as he heard the name. Manlius drew the ring from his finger and went to the window, beneath which flowed the Tiber.