Through this region the armies must cross big rivers: the Oder, Dvina, Warthe, Vistula, Pregel, and Niemen, northward and northeastward. Just above or eastward of that point, where the German-Russian frontier touches the shore, the Baltic curls into a dent, 100 miles deep, forming the Gulf of Riga.

Cilia could not resist that question, but still she remained taciturn. "Is your cow going to calve this year too? How many cows has the biggest farmer near you? You know, the one down near the Warthe, Hauländer. Do tell me." He knew all about everything, knew all the people at her home and all the cattle.

Every one of them has given pleasure to my patriotic heart, and has borne witness to a common feeling existing in all German races this much I wished to say concerning the stability of the political and national union of your province today. We often sing "Firm is the stand of the faithful guards on the Rhine," but they are standing equally firm at the Warthe and the Vistula.

This hastened their departure, and they retired on October 12th. The Russians repassed the Oder at Frankfort and Schwedt; and on the 15th Soltikoff marched toward Landsberg on the Warthe. Lacy pillaged whatever he could find on his route, and in three days regained Torgau.

Russia debouched her million after million upon the East, and though they died dumbly like flies before the German walls of steel at Thorn and Bromberg, they swept the Germans back over the Vistula and out of East Prussia down to the line of the Warthe and Oder.

Another maid had been engaged, one in whom Käte had certainly not much confidence from the commencement Lisbeth had straightway given her the impression of being much more intelligent but there was no choice, as it was not the time of year when servants generally leave; and she had to go to the baths as quickly as possible. So Cilia Pioschek from the Warthe district came to the Schliebens.

They will disappear, and the union of the Warthe and the Vistula with Germany is irrefragable. For centuries we have existed without Alsace-Lorraine, but no one yet has dared to think of what our existence would be if today a new kingdom of Poland were founded. Formerly it was a passive power. Today it would be an active enemy supported by the rest of Europe.