He entered no village, borne upon an ass laden with twin sacks, for the purpose of sanctimoniously robbing the inhabitants; no profane songs were ever heard resounding from his dwelling by the peasant incautiously lingering at a late hour too near its vicinity; my guide, the monk, complained bitterly of his unsociability, and no scandalous legend of nymph-like comforters and damsel visitants haunting the sacred dwelling escaped from the garrulous friar's well-loaded budget.

Yet she needed no reminder that the scene precisely by which she meant the tragedy that had so detained and absorbed him, the memory, the shadow, the sorrow of it was what marked him for unsociability. She thus presented him to himself, as it were, in the guise in which she had now adopted him, and it was the element of truth in the character that he found himself, for his own part, adopting.

It was however permitted me, through felicitous circumstances, to become acquainted with the probable explanation of her unsociability. The very hot weather culminated one afternoon in a dead faint of earth and sea and sky. An Alpine cloudland of snow that had mocked the upturned eyes of Greyport for hours, began to darken under the folding shadow of a black and velvety wing.

Once home from business, it was an effort to return again to the town to dine or attend any sort of social gathering. The thing was not impossible, but its difficulty served as too good an excuse for Dr Burton's increasing unsociability.

In one I found the skin and horns of a goat that had been devoured, which sight somewhat frightened me; but trusting to the unsociability of the tiger, who will rather fly from a man in broad day than seek him out, I continued my ramble.

The April dusk began to gather and the unsociability of her behaviour, especially if she were still rumbling round the Park, became absurd.

Craighouse Birth and marriages Office and literary work "Perth days" Captain Speke Library Athenæum Historiographership Unsociability and Hospitality St Albans Strasburg London Stories, jokes, and nonsense-verses. At Craighouse a second son was born to Dr Burton; his seventh and youngest child.

Cecil and Fanny Molyneux were certainly exceptions to the rule of unsociability, but the general dullness of those réunions infected them, and made the atmosphere oppressive; it required a vast amount of leaven to make such a large, heavy lump light or palatable.

It is a bulwark against the faults which sink below the normal line of life, dullness, depression, timidity, procrastination, sloth and sadness, moodiness, unsociability all these it tends to dispel, by its quiet and confident gift of encouragement.

Who would suspect that yonder smiling fellow who strokes his silky chin was sullen when he fixed his tie; or that this pleasant babble comes out of mouths that lately sulked before their mirrors? I am not sure from what cause my own crustiness proceeds. I am of no essential unsociability. Nor is it wholly the masquerade of unaccustomed clothes. I am deft with a bow-knot and patient with my collar.