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There are other evidences to the same effect, and taken in conjunction with the remarkable similarity of the Korean and Japanese languages, these facts are held to warrant the conclusion that the most important element of the Japanese nation came via Korea, its Far Eastern colony being the ultima thule of its long wanderings from central Asia.

My cognizance of the pit had become known to the inquisitorial agents the pit whose horrors had been destined for so bold a recusant as myself the pit, typical of hell, and regarded by rumor as the Ultima Thule of all their punishments.

She, of all lands, is the terra incognita, the unknown land; till quite lately she was more she was the undiscovered, the unsuspected land. She has a literature, you know, and a history, and a language, and a purpose but of all this the world has hardly so much as heard. Indeed, she, and not any Antarctic Sea whatever, is the real Ultima Thule of modern times, the true Island of Mystery.

Only the coast survey had any adequate map of it; it was ultima thule to all intents, and treason might subsist in welcome upon it for a thousand years. When Booth cast around him for assistance, he naturally selected those men whom he could control.

We are all murderers, and yet we are ready to gush over the first corpse that comes along. How I envy the death-bed of a vegetarian! We are not vegetarians here, but at least we eschew the six-course dinner which so few travellers ever succeed in shaking off, even in Ultima Thule. The most of modern travelling is a sort of Cook's Tour.

Science is cumulative in its evidences, and it is somewhat hazardous to undertake to say, at any point, that the ultima thule of discovery has been reached. We reiterate now, in the conclusion of these preliminary matters, the sentiment of Mr. Barnes that science must be free and untrammelled.

We are accustomed in England to think of the American shores as the Ultima Thule in a western direction, but when we reach these shores we find that the movement is still west. The daily papers are filled with accounts of persons migrating west, and thither am I going.

England will never be argued out of Gibraltar except by the ultima ratio. These doctrines, he thinks, are the fruits of abandoning a belief in theology.

There will always be certain great artists, and they are the most original of all who refuse to submit to any of our logical categories, whether scientific or ideal. To give one's self up to them is to be led by the hand into the country of Pure Imagination, into the Ultima Thule of impossible dreams.

Once he endeavoured to rise, but a dead weight seemed to fall on his shoulders and hold him back; and twice, when he tried to speak to make some sound, no matter what, to break the appalling silence his throat closed as if under the pressure of cruel, relentless fingers. "But the Ultima Thule of his emotions had yet to come.