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"Yes, sir; for myself, and for myself only." "But I guess Aunt Tobithy and Miss Annie will go, won't they?" "I have said my say, and it was for myself only, but if you want to know anything consarnin' the other members of this house, just step right out there where they are tinkerin' with the dishes, and ask them." Sawyer went into the dining-room.

And I can't go unless Tobithy lets me take the money. It won't require more than five dollars. Will you assure her that I'll come home sober?" "I don't think I can do that, Uncle Jasper. Understand, now, I believe you think you'll keep sober, but the truth of it is you can't. Why, if you didn't drink, the old fellows wouldn't be your companions." The "veteran" smoothed his shirt over his side.

"I have heard my granddad talk about them. In fact, he was one of them, and I get it from him not to joke on some things. I've that bottle of liquor in my pocket this very minute." The old man stepped to the door. "Tobithy; oh, Tobithy." "Well," his wife answered from the dining-room.

It will take me some little time to explain it to Tobithy." "I suppose it will," said Lyman, smiling at him. "Oh, it's a fact. Women fight against reason, you know, as long as they can. Yes, sir, it will take me a month to convince her that I wa'n't drunk.

"There's nothing to be alarmed about," said Lyman, as the women with their hands in the air, ran to him. "A few White Caps out of employment wanted work, and got it. There, now, don't take on. Sit down, Aunt Tobithy. Oh, old Uncle Jasper is all right." "He is drunk," said the old woman, anger driving away her fright.

And now what I want you to do is to convince her that it is a fact. You can do it with a clear conscience, for I will swear to it. The fact is there's going to be a reunion of the old home guard at Downer's grove, about fifteen miles from here, and I want to go. I went last year and well, I fell, somewhat. But I wouldn't fall this time, and I want you to tell Tobithy and Annie to let me go."