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The Iland of Canaria is almost equal in length and bredth, containing 12 leagues in length, touching the which as principall and the residue, the Spanyards holde opinion, that they discouered the same in their nauigation toward America, but the Portugals say, that their nation first found the sayd Ilands in their nauigation toward Aethiopia and the East Indies.

The Spanyards of the other fort in the meane while ceased not to play with their ordinance, which much annoied the assailants: although to answere them they had by this placed and oftentimes pointed the foure pieces found in the first Fort.

Also corslets of Cotton, which the Spanyards call Zecopitz, are necessary to bee had against the arrowes of the Sauages. He say farther, that a Tunne of the sassafras of Florida is solde in Spaine for sixtie ducates: and that they haue there great store of Turkie cocks, of Beanes, of Peason, and that there are great store of pearles.

They say th' Spanyards is all tore up about it. "I larned all this fr'm th' papers, an' I know 'tis sthraight. An' yet, Hinnissy, I dinnaw what to do about th' Ph'lippeens. An' I'm all alone in th' wurruld. Ivrybody else has made up his mind. Ye ask anny con-ducthor on Ar-rchy R-road, an' he'll tell ye.

Not long after he fell with the Isles of Açores, on some of which Islands he landed, and spoiled the townes of all such thinges as were woorth cariage, where also he tooke diuers Spanyards. With these and many other exploits done him in this voyadge, aswell outward as homeward, he returned into England.

Annyhow, he was willin' to take a chance; an' he says to his sailors: 'Spanyards, he says, 'Castiles, he says, 'we have et th' las' bed-tick, he says; 'an', if we stay here much longer, he says, 'I'll have to have a steak off th' armor plate fried f'r ye, he says. 'Lave us go out where we can have a r-run f'r our money, he says. An' away they wint.

Whereupon it is manifest that that countrey was by Britaines discouered, long before Columbus led any Spanyards thither. Wherby it may be gathered that Christians had bene there before the comming of the Spanyards. But because this people were not many, they followed the maners of the land which they came vnto, and vsed the language they found there.

I blush for him my selfe. Alq. Disgrace to Spanyards! Mac. Sirra, you English, what was the ship you came in? Pike. The Convertine. Mac. What Ordnance did she carry? Pike. 40 peeces. Gyr. No, sir, but 38; see here, my Lord. Alq. Right, no more then 38. Mac. Your fort at Plymouth strong? Pike. Yes, very strong. Mac. What Ordnance in't? Pike. 50 Peeces. Gyr.

Tosses thim out like a man throwin' handbills f'r a circus. 'Take that, he says, 'an' raymimber th' Maine, he says. An' he goes into th' harbor, where Admiral What-th'-'ell is, an', says he, 'Surrinder, he says. 'Niver, says th' Dago. 'Well, says Cousin George, 'I'll just have to push ye ar-round, he says. An' he tosses a few slugs at th' Spanyards.

That pollicy pleades no excuse; you yet Had men enough, had they bene soldiers, Fit for a Leaders Justification. And doe not we know that 6 score at least Of those base Picaros with which you stuff'd The fort, to feed, not fight, unworthy of The name of Spanyards, much lesse of soldiers At once ran all away like sheep together, Having but ore the walls descryde th'approach Of th'Enemy?