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Amen has found a varse in Scriptur's that does come near to the p'int, and almost foretells our victory, and that, too, as plain as it stood in dispatches, arterward, from headquarters." "'Gad, a TROOP shall overcome him," put in the missionary, triumphantly. "That's it that's it; there was just one troop on 'em, and not a man more!

"If he ain't good an' warm about now, then the Scriptur's ain't no more to be depended on than a last year's almanac." "Late Wilson, I'm ashamed of you," retorted his wife, looking at him with such reproof that, albeit she had no flesh to spare, she made herself a double chin. "An' he your own uncle, too!

Mad Anthony said a troop would answer, arter we had put the red-skins up out of their ambushes, or any other bushes; and so it did. I must acknowledge that I think more of the Scriptur's than ever, since Parson Amen read to me that varse."

"It was an odd selection, that your 'sponsors in baptism' made!" "Somewhat Moses came from the scriptur's, they tell me; there being a person of that name, as I understand, who was turned adrift pretty much as I was, myself."

An' how here wer' a chance to 'vest our property to 'vantage, by lendin' of it te de Lor', accordin' te de Scriptur's as 'whoever giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord. So I hunted up all I could spare and fotch it ober here, little thinkin' what a sight would meet my old eyes! Well, Lord!" "But, Dinah," said the weeping Hannah, "you must not think ill of Nora! She does not deserve it.