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He knew better than to advance line-head against Retallick, so he attacked ong eshlong, speakin' his remarks as much as possible into the breech of the starboard four point seven, an' 'ummin' to 'imself. Our chief cook 'ated 'ummin'. 'What's the matter of your bowels? he says at last, fistin' out the mess- pork agitated like. "'Don't mind me, says 'Op.

These things half shifted Retallick, our chief cook, off 'is bed-plate. Yes, you might say they broke 'im wide open. 'E wasn't at all used to 'em. "Number One tells off five or six prime, able-bodied seamen-gunners to the pork barrels. You never see pork fisted out of its receptacle, 'ave you?

He refers them to the cook, yesterday my master " "Yes, an' Retallick nearly had a fit. What a truthful an' observin' little Antonio we 'ave!" "'It is discovered in the hands of a boy who says, and they do not rebuke him, that he has found it by hazard. I'm afraid I haven't translated quite correctly, Mr. Pyecroft, but I've done my best."

'Drown 'im, 'e says. 'Drown 'im before 'e dirties my fine new decks. But our owner was tenderhearted. 'Take him to the galley, 'e says. 'Boil 'im! Skin 'im! Cook 'im! Cut 'is bloomin' hair? Take 'is bloomin' number! We'll have him executed at Ascension. "Retallick, our chief cook, an' a Carth'lic, was the on'y one any way near grateful; bein' short-'anded in the galley.

The account you give from Captain Retallick, of the near approach to Naples of the Colossus and her precious charge, for the Alliance is full of naval stores, with all the top-masts and top-sail yards we had, and the four victuallers loaded with new provisions of every species except bread, is a communication of the utmost consequence.

'I'm only a mildewed buntin'-tosser, 'e says: 'but speakin' for my mess, I do hope, 'e says, 'you ain't goin' to boil your Portugee friend's boots along o' that pork you're smellin' so gay! "'Boots! Boots! Boots! says Retallick, an' he run round like a earwig in a alder-stalk. 'Boots in the galley, 'e says. 'Cook's mate, cast out an' abolish this cutter-cuddlin' aborigine's boots!"

I inquired after 'is health from Retallick. "'Don't ask me, 'e says, sneerin' be'ind his silver spectacles. ''E's promoted to be captain's second supernumerary servant, to be dressed and addressed as such. If 'e does 'is dooties same as he skinned the spuds, I ain't for changin' with the old man.

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