Now, religion's characteristic approach to the human problem is represented by this conviction that "life develops from within." So far from expecting to save mankind by the manipulation of outward circumstance, it habitually has treated outward circumstance as of inferior moment in comparison with the inner attitudes and resources of the spirit.

Divine Love, mighty to save, full of redemptive power, longing for the soul with infinite affection in fine, Fatherhood this is what constitutes religion's ultimate; and this revelation we have in the Incarnate Son, in whom the Spirit dwelt without measure who, i.e., stands forth as the supreme and unparalleled illustration of the Divine immanence.

And the churches know it; and instead of reaching down to him what he wants light, light instead of that, they invite him to dancing and picture shows, and you're a jolly good fellow, and religion's a jolly fine thing and no spoilsport, and all that sort of latter-day tendency. Damn it, he can get all that outside the churches and get it better. Light, light! He wants light, Hapgood.

"But surely," I said, "all this religious knowledge ought to give you comfort, even if you are badly off." "Oh! religion's all very well for them as has time for it; and a very good thing we ought all to mind our latter end.

The scene is azure now with hues of Hope; Now sobered gray by Disappointment strange; With Love's own roses blushing, warm and bright; Black with Hate's heat, or white with Envy's cold; Made glorious by Religion's purple light; Or sicklied o'er with yellow lust of Gold; So, good or evil coming, peace or strife, Zeal when in youth, and Avarice when old, In changeful, chanceful phases passeth life.

She was married to one of Eric's vassals, a man called Thorward of Garth, but treated him with great contempt and did just what she pleased. As for Theodhild, Eric's wife, she was a Christian at this time, and had taken herself out of Brattalithe for religion's sake.

All materials point to and end at last in spiritual results. "Each is not for its own sake, I say the whole earth and all the stars in the sky are for Religion's sake." All our ostensible realities, our art, our literature, our business pursuits, etc., are but fuel to religion.

"Well, Michael's religion's got so mixed, he doesn't know what he is or what he believes in and doesn't believe in. He has a fine scorn for the old order of things. The beliefs of our forefathers have kept the Lampton men pretty straight and made splendid wives and mothers of their women, and I think that's good enough for this everyday, practical world!"

Your words are not opposed to reason, descendant of a distinguished family an Aryan amongst men a true friend indeed, righteous and sincere to the bottom of your heart, it is proper for religion's sake to speak thus.

Sometimes the lay orders would go farther in toleration. One cahier of the nobility proposes a military cross for distinguished Protestant officers, another that non-Catholics may be electors, but not elected, to the Estates General. The inhabitants of some of the central provinces would restore the property of exiles for religion's sake to their families.