The ink-well was to be followed by a series of letters, sent on the slightest provocation, on order or re-order, tactfully hoping the various healths of the Southland were good and the baseball season important; all to insure a welcome to the salesmen on the Southem route.

"What sort of lives do the majority of folk lead?" "Sorry lives." "Yes, that is what I too have found." A pause follows. Then the woman says quietly: "See, dawn is breaking, yet never this night have my eyes closed. Often I am like that; often I keep thinking and thinking until I seem to be the only human being in the world, and the only human being destined to re-order it."

That cause of delay is serious. You have to think out a whole new set of dispositions, and to re-order all your great body of men. White was under no such compulsion, for though he had to swing, the swing faced the same general direction as his original dispositions.

"I intend to do art criticism for the Herald." "What's the objection to my getting a job on it, too?" inquired Quest, setting his empty glass aside and signalling the waiter for a re-order. He expected surprise and congratulation. Somebody said, "You take a job!" so impudently that Quest reddened and turned, showing his narrow, defective teeth.

You see what is happening here in Paris. You see the foul spectre of Anarchy stalking through a land fallen into confusion. Probably you have enough imagination to conceive something of what must follow. And do you deceive yourself that out of this filth and ruin there will rise up an ideal form of society? Don't you understand that society must re-order itself presently out of all this?

Kelter began a soft and soothing discourse which led nowhere at first but ended finally in a re-order for four hot Scotches. Then Dumont's witty French blood or the muddied dregs which were left of it began to be perversely amusing at Quest's expense.