I could not but conjecture that it belongs to the days of such Roman invasions as that of Alius Gallus. Perhaps an investigation of the ruins at Ras Kurkumah and the remains of Madain Salih may throw some light upon the mystery. In our travel this bit of classical temple was unique. Mr.

Rassam, together with Ras Engeddah and Prince Meshisha, were to be made knights of the first order; the English officers of the mission were to be second class; as for the third, I do not know for whom they were destined, unless for such as Bappo, his butler.

Regular Egyptian coastguard boats keep matters pretty clear north of Ras Bernas, and we can testify to their activity, for we ourselves were boarded and searched by one; but south of this, before the influence of Sawakin is reached, there is a long stretch of country where the traffic in human flesh can be carried on undisturbed.

Rassam, were called out and made to stand in a line to be counted by the new Ras; then at about ten at night, as we were undressing, Samuel came to inform us that he had received orders to put us all, with the exception of Mr. Rassam, in one hut for that night, but that as none of our huts was large enough, he had obtained leave that we should be distributed into two. Cameron, Mr.

Hospitality, reflected Philip unquietly, was all right in its place, but Diane was an extremist. After supper, however for Philip was inherently kind hearted and sympathetic he dispatched Ras to unhitch the minstrel's snorting steed and remove the eccentric music machine from the highway. Johnny had already accomplished both.

Little did we know at the time the narrow escape we had just had. It appears that, after our departure, Theodore sat down on a stone, and, putting his head between his hands, began to cry. Ras Engeddah said to him, "Are you a woman, to cry? Let us bring back these white men, kill them, and run away; or fight and die."

Ras Hailo was not chained during the time he remained in that house: for a time he was even "pardoned," and made chief of the mountain. But Theodore, after a while, again deprived him of his command and confidence, and sent him to the common gaol, chained like the other prisoners.

The Arabs call them 'houris' why, I cannot think for a more uncomfortable thing to sit in, when half full of water in a rolling surf, I never found elsewhere, except on a South-East African river. At the present moment the coast below Ras Bernas and above Sawakin is the hot-bed of the slave trade, carried on between the Dervishes of the Nile Valley and Arabia.

Her passionate words fell upon willing ears; vengeance filled the heart of Kassa, and as soon as he had sufficiently recovered he returned to Kouara and openly proclaimed his independence. For the second time Ras Ali called him to his court; but the summons met with a stern refusal.

Their national arms were long heavy pikes these had no metal heads, but the points were hardened by fire; javelins of the same description these before going into battle they set fire to, and hurled blazing at the enemy lighter darts called mat ras saunions, pikes with curved heads, resembling the halberds of later times; and straight swords.