Nil habet infelix paupertas durius in se, Quam quod ridiculos homines facit: but rather a busy-loving courtier; a heartless threatening Thraso; a self-wise-seeming schoolmaster; an awry-transformed traveller?

And every day he felt that he was knowing more, and acquiring a strength and power which should fit him hereafter for the more toilsome business and sterner struggles of common life. Well may old Cowley exclaim "O pulerae sine luxes aedes, vitaeque decore Splendida paupertas ingenuusque pudor!"

The audax paupertas, however, is not necessary, but great economy is. I myself will give you an example of it, and contribute every atom in my power to ease your mind from what will most sensibly and naturally affect it.

Therefore to make a sure Purchase, employ Fortune upon Certainties, but do not sacrifice Certainties to Fortune. I am, Your most Obedient, Humble Servant. No. 150. Wednesday, August 22, 1711. Budgell. 'Nil habet infelix paupertas durius in se, Quam quod ridiculos homines facit ... Juv.

The emoluments which Fazio drew from his profession were sufficient for the family wants he himself being a man of simple tastes; wherefore Jerome was not forced, in addition to his other youthful troubles, to submit to that execrata paupertas and its concomitant miseries which vexed him in later years.

Besides the "severa paupertas" of Camillus and Fabricius, he had something of their primitive integrity; and he declined, with scorn, to be an accomplice in the proposed assassination of Arminius: "non fraude neque occultis, sed palam et armatum, Populum Romanum hostes suos ulcisci." He protected magistrates and poor suitors, against the nobles.

Mr. Rigby, in reply, made a short but humorous speech, in which he mentioned of how little consequence the title of "lord" and "lady" was without money to support it, and finished with the Latin proverb, "infelix paupertas quia ridiculos miseros facit."

But to me it appears far otherwise; for since "Luxuriant animi rebus plerumque secundis, Nec facile est aequa commoda mente pati;" And because "Non habet unde suum paupertas pascat amorem, . . . Divitiis alitur luxuriosus amor."

Write that in your book, my daughter, 'tis a golden precept! Nor be appalled at your suitor's poverty. Cyprian saith: 'Paupertas dura sed secura et sine cura' Poverty is hard, but hardy, and has naught to care for. Write that down also, my daughter Michal!" But pretty Michal did not record these golden maxims, either in the original or yet a translation.

Laudatur, my dear Smiles, et alget. Paupertas, dura paupertas I might, perhaps, satisfy the curious gazer by producing the er pawntickets for the missing articles. But it would hardly eh, I put it to you?" "No, it wouldn'," decided Sam. "But it's unfort'nit all the same, an' in more ways'n one. You see, there's a nasty 'abit folks 'ave in these parts.