The only time for the partner to protect the overhead is when the net man "poaches," is outguessed, and the ball tossed over his head. Then the server covers and strives for a kill at once. Always be ready to protect your partner, but do not take shots over his head unless he calls for you to, or you see a certain kill. Then say "Mine," step in and hit decisively.

"You haven't any quarrel with him, Carlisle," he said evenly; "your quarrel, if you've got one, is with me. I outguessed you, that's all. You ain't plumb clever, Carlisle. You ought to be in a more genteel business. I just naturally figured out the play an' made Sautee talk, that's all. I ain't the only gent Mannix is wanting there's three of us here!"

I'll just cut across to my old trail and unless I am greatly mistaken, I'll find his tracks there." So, swiftly but silently, the hunter cut across to his old trail, and in a few moments he found just what he expected, one of Lightfoot's footprints. Once more he grinned. "Well, old fellow, I've outguessed you this time," said he to himself.

You've got to admit that Al Engle was smart as they make 'em, but O'Connor tells me that Curry made Al look like a selling-plater: had him outguessed at every turn on the track. Let Curry run his horses, and our boys will take care of the little nigger." "That Elisha is quite a horse," commented Johnson. "If they take care of him, they'll go some."

But he had outguessed Jess Tighe that time. His luck had sure stood up fine. The occasion called for a demonstration. He took off his broad-rimmed gray hat. "Three rousing cheers, Mr. Dingwell," he announced ceremoniously. "Now, all together." Rising to his toes, he waved his hat joyously, worked his shoulders like a college cheer leader, and gave a dumb pantomime of yelling.

"Man to man," he repeated, "I c'ud beat 'em into Hamburg steak. An' I've got brains enough to fool Carlsen. I've outguessed him so far." "He's got the gun," warned Rainey. "Never mind his gun. I ain't afraid of his gun." He nodded with such supreme confidence that Rainey felt himself suddenly relegating the doctor's possession of the gun to the background.