Wagstaffe ran his eye over the rest of Bobby's outfit. "Smokes? Take your pipe and a tinder-box: you will get baccy and cigarettes to burn out there. Keep that electric torch; and your binoculars, of course. Also that small map-case: it's a good one. Also wire-cutters. You can write letters in your field-message-book. Your compass is all right.

"My dear Bunny, you speak as though we were going to turn burglars for a living!" "I trust you won't," said Sir Bernard, smiling, "for you are certainly two very daring young men. Let us hope our friend from Queensland will do as he said, and not open his map-case till he gets back there. He will find my check awaiting him, and I shall be very much surprised if he troubles any of us again."

It must be put as straight now as her gun-fire, as honestly as the steering of her ships." Phrases and paragraphs began to shape themselves in his mind as he sat with one arm on his steering-wheel. Suddenly he roused himself, turned over the map in the map-case beside him, and tried to find his position.... So far as he could judge he had strayed right into Suffolk....

To the leather belt about his waist, supported by two straps over his shoulders, were attached his revolver, in its case with twenty rounds of cartridges; his field glasses; his map-case; his bidon for his wine; square document case; his mask against asphyxiating gas; and, if you please, his kodak!

I therefore followed him into his bedroom without further protest, and suffered him first to show me the iron map-case which stood in one corner; he took a crafty pride in this receptacle, and I thought he would never cease descanting on its innocent appearance and its Chubb's lock. It seemed an interminable age before the key was in the latter. Then the ward clicked, and my pulse stood still.

The flutter I was in as he closed the case! "For the last time," he went on, as his keys jingled back into his pocket. "It goes straight into the strong-room on board." For the last time! If I could but send him out to Australia with only its legitimate contents in his precious map-case! If I could but succeed where Raffles had failed! We returned to the other room.

It's an iron map-case in which he brought over the plans of his land in Brisbane; he wants to know who would suspect it of containing an Old Master, too? But he's had it fitted with a new Chubb's lock, and I managed to take an interest in the key while he was gloating over the canvas. I had the wax in the palm of my hand, and I shall make my duplicate this afternoon."