"It iss goot. Vor der boor man it iss it iss salfation. Mit fife huntret tollars und hiss two hants he can himself a home make und a lifing be sure off." Beside Hazel Lauer's wife absently caressed the blond head of her four-year-old daughter. "No, I don't think I'll ever get lonesome," she said. "I'm too glad to be here. And I've got lots of work and my babies.

I told you I was lifing in Valencia when I left that place to come on thees travel." "I suppose," said Katie, "since you lived in this castle once, you must know all about it." "Oh yes, all all about it." "And you must have been all over it in every direction." "Oh yes, all over it all all over it thousand thousand times, and in every parts and spots."

"You! you might take der benefit of a bankroopt law! You, lifing here ast a hiret man, on dis farm!" "Sartain; why not? All a man wanted, under that law, was about $60 to carry him through the mill; and if he could rake and scrape that much together, he might wipe off as long a score as he pleased. I had been dealin' in speckylation, and that's a make or break business, I can tell you.

So t'ey die. T'ey do not reproduce t'eir kind, not'ing lifing comes from t'em, to go on lifing, on and on, better and better or vorse, as Nature planned vit' efery generation. If a voman haf t'e desire of lofe and of beauty, and lofe and beauty come not to her, t'en I pity her, because I am less vise and resolute to vit'hold pity t'an Nature is.

A veritable triumph! A success of " The voice sank into a gurgle and was still. Pelletan, his face livid, clutching blindly at the wall for support, stumbled forth into the hall, along the corridor, down the stair, until at last he found Tellier, his face purple, rearranging his cravat before a mirror in the hotel office. "Iss she not lifing?" he asked, huskily.