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And the Frenchman shrugged his shoulders, half smiling at Virginia. Mr. Chandler advised him that, in the present circumstances, it would be unwise to make the attempt. De Letz was inclined to agree, and, as Dr. Sauber had apparently found a clean bill of health, the Bella Cuba must take her own sweet way, rebel though she was.

Of course, I shall fail in that effort, and you will win; but the little comedy will have brought me the girl's gratitude, which is worth all the world at this ticklish stage of the game. Will you aid me to play the part on these lines?" De Letz laughed. "So, I am to be the villain of the piece? Well, I do not mind. We will stage the play realistically, and I "

Help me to accomplish this, De Letz, for the sake of old times, and there's nothing you can ask of me that I will not do. Italian though I am, you know that my French cousins have powerful political influence. They shall use it to the utmost for you, and get you what post you please. I promise it and I never break a promise to a friend." "You fire me with your own enthusiasm!" cried De Letz.

"The authority of the United States supports France, as it is bound to do, in accordance with the extradition treaty, in demanding that you give up the fugitive convict, 1280, who came on board your yacht at New Caledonia." "We have no convict with us," retorted Roger. "In that case you cannot object to search being made," said Monsieur de Letz.

L'aur' amara fa·ls bruels brancutz clarzir que·l dons espeys' ab fuelhs, e·ls letz becxs dels auzels ramencx te balbs e mutz pars e non pars. per qu'ieu m'esfortz de far e dir plazers A manhs? per ley qui m'a virat has d'aut, don tern morir si·ls afans no·m asoma.

In fast bowings, for instance, I make three color distinctions or rather sound distinctions. In reply to another question, Mr. Letz added: "Great violin playing is great violin playing, irrespective of school or nationality. Of course the Belgians and French have notable elegance, polish, finish in detail. The French lay stress on sensuous beauty of tone.

De Letz is determined to thwart you, but he doesn't know that I am a secret ally of your plans. Trust to me. Give Maxime up while there is time, and you will never repent it." "You make brave promises, Marchese," returned Virginia. "But you do not name your price. I suppose, like other men, you have a price for what you say you can do?" "I make no conditions," answered Loria.

We must send him back to New Caledonia, to spend the rest of his life in the Black Cell!" enthusiastically exclaimed De Letz. "But my curiosity is on the stretch. A moment more unsatisfied, and it snaps." "It shall be satisfied on the instant. I'll tell you the story in as few words as may be.

"Rhythm is the foundation of all music not rhythm in its metronomic sense, but in the broader sense of proportion. I lay the greatest stress on the development of rhythmic sensibility in the student. Rhythm gives life to every musical phrase." Mr. Letz had a Brahms' quartet open on his music stand.

Hans Letz, the gifted Alsatian violinist, is well fitted to talk on any phase of his Art. As a teacher, too, he is active in giving others an opportunity to apply the lessons of his own experience. When asked for his definition of the term, Mr. Letz said: "There can be no such thing as an absolute mastery of the violin. Mastery is a relative term.