But I had the joy of realizing that man to man, I was the stronger. He had craft, but I had daring. His vast wealth aggravated his natural cowardice crafty men are invariably cowards, and their audacities under the compulsion of their ravenous greed are like a starving jackal's dashes into danger for food.

They went on side by side, and halted for the night forty miles from Bulteel's farm. They slept in a Boer's out-house, and the vrow was civil, and lent Staines a jackal's skin. In the morning he bought it for a diamond, a carbuncle, and a score of garnets; for a horrible thought had occurred to him, if they stopped at any place where miners were, somebody might buy the great diamond over his head.

All was dark, save for the magnificent stars of an Eastern night, as Mabel, her nurse, and the five men, commanded by the wounded Roger, stood silently praying while listening intently to the muffled tramp of their own people, descending on the blacker mass denoting the Saracen tents. The sounds of feet died away, only the jackal's whine and moan, were heard.

"My friend Ahmed is bitter," replied Ramabai patiently. "Ai, ai! I had Umballa in my hands and let him go! Pardon me, Ramabai; I am indeed bitter." "But who will suggest this animal scheme to Umballa?" inquired Bruce. "I." Ramabai salaamed. "You will walk into the lion's den?" "The jackal's," Ramabai corrected. "God help me!

Others of their kidney, and some of the Christian citizens who had caught the destructive mania, had forced their way into the temple of Anubis, hard by the Serapeumn, where they had overthrown and wrecked the jackal-headed idols and the Canopic gods four huge jars with lids representing respectively a man's head, an ape's, a hawk's and a jackal's.

When Timopht, who already saw himself stretched on the funeral bed supported by jackal's feet in the Memnonia quarter, his side open, his stomach emptied, and himself ready to be plunged into a bath of pickle, when Timopht raised himself, he dared not look up to the King, but remained crouched on his heels, a prey to the bitterest anguish.

This the natives call narrie-comboo; and they aver that this "Jackal's Horn" only grows on the head of the leader of the pack. Both the Singhalese and the Tamils regard it as a talisman, and believe that its fortunate possessor can command by its instrumentality the realisation of every wish, and that if stolen or lost by him, it will invariably return of its own accord.

From this fetish the king's name was, no doubt, borrowed; and it is not improbable that the whole story of the king's walking in disguise may have grown up out of his name being the same as that of the figure we saw, muffled up in a jackal's skin.

Indeed, save for that sword of Damocles which hung over him in the memory of his murderous employment and its possible consequences, he would have liked Parish, and Dorothy's kindness had awakened in the jackal's heart a bewildering sense of gratitude such as he had never known before.

If thou disbelievest this, we will give thee ocular proof. Having said this, they immediately caused that meat to be discovered by entering the jackal's abode.