Perhaps they would go as far as Paris, and it would do his eyes good to see Paris once more. But surely a gentleman so chary of his steps would stop there; no doubt but, then, it was none the less true that he was going away, this former homebody. By eight o'clock Passepartout had packed the modest carpetbag, containing the wardrobes of his master and himself.

As for Stephen, there he comes now through the huckleberry-pasture, with the baby on his arm; he seems to think there never was a baby before; and sometimes Stephen's such a homebody I'm tempted to think that maybe I've married my own shadow, after all. However, I wouldn't have it other than it is.

Weston's room, she was on her way to her cabin, when she noticed Aunt Peggy sitting alone at the door. She was rather a homebody; yet she reproached herself with having neglected poor old Peggy, when she saw her looking so desolate and dejected. She thought to pay her a visit, and bidding her good evening, sat down on the door-step.

Beneath his air of ease there was a tension. "Well, Emma?" he said again, gently. Emma looked at him a moment appreciatively. She had too much poise and balance and control herself not to recognize and admire those qualities in others. "T. A., if I had been what they call a homebody, we wouldn't be married to-day, would we?" "No."

I understand, now, what it is that brings that hard, tired, stony look into the faces of the idle women. They have to work so hard to try to keep happy. I suppose if I had been a homebody all my life, I might be hardened to this kind of thing. But it's too late now. And I'm thankful for it. Those women who want to shop and dress and drive and play are welcome to my share of it.

Oh, how pathetically she had wished and wished to be a man and take her place out in the world fighting its battles, instead of poor little me who could never be anything but a homebody to worship the great, strong, red-blooded men who did the fighting and carried on great industries not even an athletic girl like those dear things up ahead and this horse is bobbing up and down like that on purpose, just to make poor little me giddy, and so forth.