"I say, you needn't go over it twice," expostulated the injured youth. "`A conceited ass," continued Telson, his voice wavering with suppressed laughter. "`He thinks he is a great man but he's little in the world and fond of gross conduct. He and Telson are the conceitedest asses in Willoughby."

He is the meanest, conceitedest, most disagreeable little snob !" "There, there! We'll spare him " laughed Howard. "I see I was wrong again, only, Leslie, little princess, there's one thing you must own is true, you're very young yet and you may change " "Now, I like that!" cried Leslie. "You don't even think I have the stability to be true to you.

"That Joe Masters is the conceitedest fellow goin'. I told him you could see his foolishness." "Ah, indeed." Mr. Ford pushed open the gate. As the girl still lingered he was obliged to hold it a moment before passing through. "Maw couldn't quite hitch on to your not drinkin'. She reckons you're like everybody else about yer. That's where she slips up on you. And everybody else, I kalkilate."

Harness was to be repaired and furbished up, the big carriage and the old phaeton were to be put in order, and Master Ughtred's cart was to be given new paint and springs. "This is what she said," Fox's story ran, "and she said it so straightforward and business-like that the conceitedest man that lived couldn't be upset by it. 'I want to see what you can do, she says.