They have given me awdehs not to talk," said the Southerner, smiling. "Oh, yes. Please do not talk not to-day." "No. Only this" he looked at her, and saw her seem to shrink "thank you for what you have done," he said simply. She took tenderly the hand he stretched to her; and upon these terms they set to work at cribbage.

Oh, Jedge March, dey shot me in pyo devilment. I was jist lookin' out fo' my boy. Dey was comin' in to town an dey sees me, an awdehs me to halt, an' 'stid o' dat I runs, thinkin' that'd suit 'em jist as well. Oh, Lawd! Oh, Lawd! Oh!" He stared into the Judge's face, a great pain heaved him slowly, his eyes set, and all was over.

"If you air, the Majo's sisteh's got written awdehs fo' you." I shot forward, but had hardly more than sent back my good-bye when around a bend of the road, in a wagon larger than Charlotte Oliver's, with the curtains rolled up, came the four Miss Harpers, unsooted and radiant. The aunt drove.

"I have never let you know " began Molly. "The doctor," he interrupted once more, but very gently now, "he gave awdehs I must be kept quiet. I reckon yu' thought tellin' me might " "Forgive me!" cried the girl. "Indeed I ought to have told you sooner! Indeed I had no excuse!" "Why, should yu' tell me if yu' preferred not? You had written. I can never repay you by anything! by anything!