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Not long after they arrived in Natpangan and Iwaginan and the other people went to attend the pakálon, and also many people from the other towns. When all whom they had invited arrived they agreed how much Gawigawen should pay for his wife. Aponibalagen told them to fill the balaua eighteen times with valuable things. So the balaua was filled.

Ayo's husband pays her parents for her, but half the payment vanishes when her mother raises eyebrows. Husband again completes payment. They chew betel-nut and the quids of the children go to those of their parents. Aponibalagen uses magic to create a residence in the ocean for his sister. Takes her and companions there on backs of crocodiles. Returns home.

"Ala cousin Dalonágan, you go and take cousin Dina-ogan, and go and secure the mango fruit of Algaba of Dagála," said Aponibalagen. "Why does Aponibolinayen want the mango fruit of Algaba of Dagála; does she not know that anyone who goes there cannot return?" asked Dalonágan. "Ala, you go and be careful and he will not hurt you," said Aponibalagen.

The valuable things which the alan owned she gave to them, and she flew away. When they arrived in Kadalayapan, Aponibalagen wanted to marry Aponigawani. He sent his mother to go and give the message. As soon as she arrived in Kadalayapan, "Good morning, nephew Aponitolau," said Ebang. "Good morning, what are you here for?" said Aponitolau. "What are you coming for, you say.

Aponibolinayen, the mother of Dumanau, begged the pardon of Dumanau and his wife, for she did not know that his wife was the daughter of Aponigawani and Aponibalagen, who was her brother. Not long after they gave the marriage price. "I use my power so that the balaua of Wanwanyen and Dumanau is nine times filled," said Aponibolinayen, and it was nine times filled with different kinds of jars.

When the boys reached the house of Aponigawani and Aponibalagen they told them they were going home to Nagbotobotán. Aponigawani and Aponibalagen did not want to let them go until they had eaten breakfast. The three boys went even though they did not want them to go. As soon as they reached Nagbotobotán the old woman Alokotán asked them where they had been, and she was very angry with them.

Aponibalagen, who had heard of the power of the suitor, at once gave his consent. And Dinawagen departed for home, leaving a gold cup as an engagement present.

Child grows one span at each bath. Aponibalagen learns of child when milk from sister's breasts falls on him. He takes her home and prepares to celebrate balaua. Oiled betel-nuts are sent to summon guests. They grow on knees of those who refuse to attend. Ingiwan, poorly clad, appears at the ceremony and is recognized by the child but not by its mother.

Aponibalagen went back to the house and whipped the girls. "We will go back now to Kaodanan. I thought it was good for you to be here, but you have done wrong." So he took them back to Kaodanan and they made balaua in order to find out who was the father of the boy. The boy grew one span every time they bathed him, for they used their power.

"I use my power so that when I whip my perfume she will wake up," and she woke up. "Wes, how long my sleep was!" said Aponibolinayen, for she was alive again. "How long I sleep! you say. You have been dead," said Algaba, and Aponibolinayen looked at him and she it saw was not Aponibalagen who held her in his arms. "Why, Aponibalagen, do you detest me?