For when the drought has parched the field, The clouds that overcast my heart Shall rain in every season yield. O mother Spain! for thy blest shore Mine eyes impatient yearn; For thy choicest gem is bride of mine, And she longs for my return. "They took me from the galley's hold; It was by heaven's all-pitying grace. Yet, even in this garden glade, Has fortune turned away her face.

"In Allah's Holy Name and in His All-seeing eyes, before thee, Asad-ed-Din, and in the presence of these witnesses, I take this woman to be my wife by the merciful law of the Prophet of Allah the All-wise, the All-pitying." The words were out and the thing was done before Asad had realized the corsair's intent. A gasp of dismay escaped him; then his visage grew inflamed, his eyes blazed.

In after years I could find no term to so well describe that last act as the words of Beverly Clarenden, who came to the chapel just in time to hear Ferdinand Ramero's closing declaration, and to see his black scowl and scornful air, as, in a royal madness, he defied the power of man and denounced the all-pitying love that is big enough for the most sinful.

Ignorant London heathen as she was, there was one fragrant flower blossoming in the desert of her soiled and wasted existence the flower of a pure and guileless love for one of those "little ones," of whom it hath been said by an all-pitying Divinity unknown to her, "Suffer them to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Christ has borne your burdens, fought your battles, suffered for your sins. The debt is paid, and the receipt is handed to you, written in the blood of the Son of God will you have it? Oh, decide the matter now! Decide it here! Fling your exhausted soul down at the feet of an all-compassionate, all-sympathizing, all-pitying, all-pardoning Jesus.

And, one likes to think, there is no other punishment in the next world so severe as that meted out to the torturers of little children. For this hope's basis there is the solemn warning voiced by the All-pitying Friend of children; a threat which, apparently, was unfamiliar to Ruloff. Down upon the weepingly prostrate Sonya bore the man.

A portion of a letter was found upon her which at first aroused a thousand comments. This is what was written: "I have just celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and during the Elevation, I prayed God to inspire me with a good idea. I likewise asked of the Queen of Angels what I could do for this unfortunate one. The All-pitying God and the Mother chaste and pure hearkened to me.

It marks an epoch in His work. The task of bringing God to man is substantially complete. That of bringing men by supplication to God is now to begin. It is the revelation of the permanent office of the departed Lord. The limitation of this prayer to the disciples applies only to the special occasion, and has no bearing on the sweep of His redeeming purpose or the desires of His all-pitying heart.

In whom, prayed the unselfish mother-heart, willing to be bereft of even the Heaven-sent consolation for the sake of the beloved, in whom may she find not only the earthly mate-fellow, but the kindred soul. For, all-pitying Mother of Mercy! should she, too, be doomed to stake all upon a wavering, unstable, headlong Richard, what will happen then?

"Lamb of God, enthroned on high, Look on us with pitying eye While we raise our earnest cry For our babes to thee. Once thy followers infants spurned; But thy bosom o'er them yearned, Nor from Canaan's daughters turned Thy all-pitying eye. Thou didst give our spirits rest, "When with sin and grief oppressed, In thy gentle, loving breast: Shelter, then, our babes.