Yet these sciences, which may be studied in silent retreats, were more likely to yield fruit to the discoverer than aerostatics, which demand courage and skill, and of which the experiments, which are always public, are attended with great cost." Robertson's proposed machine was to be 150 feet in diameter, and would be capable of carrying 150,000 lbs.

To-day, in 1917, the United States has only one dirigible of a type to be considered effective in the light of modern standards, though our entrance upon the war has caused the beginning of a considerable fleet. In aviation no less than in aerostatics the record of the United States is negligible.

But to this rule there are two exceptions the discoveries of America and of aerostatics, the advents of Columbus and of Montgolfier." It is not here our duty to inquire how it happened that the discoveries made by these two personages are classed together.

He had pondered long and patiently on the subject of balloons endeavouring to recall to mind what little he had studied of aerostatics and had mentally examined all the material objects within reach, in the hope of discovering some substance out of which one might be constructed. Unfortunately, he had not been able to think of anything that appeared to be suitable.

"No, no, I assure you, my friend; far from it. Whenever the topic is brought to the front; whenever aerostatics are discussed, your name and fame are sure to play a prominent part. And yet, you disappeared so long ago, never being heard of after " "After sailing away upon the storm for which I had waited and prayed, for so many weary, heart-sick months!"

They were not engineers by profession, but simply amateurs of all that appertained to aerostatics, and they were amateurs in a fury, and especially foes of those who would oppose to aerostats "apparatuses heavier than the air," flying machines, aerial ships, or what not. That these people might one day discover the method of guiding balloons is possible.

Time, force, and space are measureable: hence Dynamics. The invention of the barometer enabled men to extend the principles of mechanics to the atmosphere; and Aerostatics existed. When a thermometer was devised there arose a science of heat, which was before impossible. Such of our sensations as we have not yet found modes of measuring do not originate sciences.

The balloon, meanwhile, detached itself from its moorings; the physician Charles, seated in the car, gaily saluted the public, and was then majestically launched into space in his air-boat; and at once the old Marechal, beholding this, passed suddenly from unbelief to perfect faith in aerostatics and in the capacity of the human mind, fell on his knees, and, with his eyes bathed in tears, moaned out pitifully the words, "Yes, it is fixed!

"If that be all, sir, within two minutes you shall have a memoria technica prepared for use during the voyage." Mr. Sheepshanks harked back. "I am a married man, and d'ye see? Mrs. Sheepshanks, as you might say, has no sympathy with ballooning. She was a Guthrie of Dumfries." "Which accounts for it, to be sure," said I. "To me, sir, on the contrary, aërostatics have long been an alluring study.

Singular in many things, she was at one with the rest of her sex in its native and incurable distrust of man's inventions. I am bound to say that my own faith in aërostatics was a plant a sensitive plant of extremely tender growth. Either I failed, a while back, in painting the emotions of my descent of the Devil's Elbow, or the reader knows that I am a chicken-hearted fellow about a height.