They were sealed with the sacred seal of the Curia, and each bore the inscription: "A Marino Grimani, Duce; e alla Republica Veneta." There was but a moment's consultation among the Signoria.

By the will which the King had left, Caterina Veneta was now Queen of Cyprus, with a Council of Seven appointed to assist her; and every Venetian who held a post in the Government was restless until the young widow of Janus, who had been crowned with all due ceremony in the Cathedral of Nikosia at the time of her marriage, had publicly received the full seal of her authority.

The Senate of Venice caused to be burnt the Della Liberta Veneta, by a man who called himself Squitinio , because it denied the independence of the Republic, and asserted that the Emperor had rightful claims over it; and about the same time the Parlement of Paris consigned to the same penalty D'Aubigné's Histoire Universelle for the freedom of its satire on Charles IX., Henri III., Henri IV., and other French royal personages of the time.

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The three religious orders which had showed most opposition Jesuits, Theatins, and Capuchins were in a semi-polite manner virtually expelled from the Republic. For interesting details regarding the departure of the Jesuits, see Cornet, Paolo V. e la Republica Veneta, pp. 277-279. Not the least curious among the results of this state of things was the war of pamphlets.

Caterina Veneta, Queen of Cyprus, stood on a high balcony of the summer palace in the Casal of Potamia, one beautiful June morning at early dawn, waving farewell to the cavalcade of nobles who were winding up the pass that led to the great forests where the patricians of the island were wont to pursue their favorite pastime.

The latter was the work of a certain Bartollomeo. It is really the text published originally in the "Collectio Chirurgica Veneta" of 1546, of which the preface says: "His acceserunt Rogerii ac Guil.

Letters of condolence were duly sent from the Serenissimo; so, also, came without delay the declaration that the Queen had inherited the full rights vested in her son, and should reign alone; with the further announcement, so simply stated that it might well seem beyond refutation that Venice was heir to her beloved daughter, Caterina Veneta.

Returning from the Arsenal to the Riva, we come soon, on the left, to the Ponte della Veneta Marina, a dazzlingly white bridge with dolphins carved upon it, and usually a loafer asleep on its broad balustrade; and here the path strikes inland up the wide and crowded Via Garibaldi.

Bernadotte and Sérurier stormed the fortress of Gradisca, and captured two thousand five hundred men, while Masséna seized the fort at the Chiusa Veneta, and, scattering a whole division of flying Austrians, captured five thousand with their stores and equipments.