I will be no traitor to thy sweet authority; and verily, I will not believe that thy influence o'er our hearts is, at this moment, less potent than when we worshipped in thy glittering fane of Ephesus, or trembled at the dark horrors of thine Arician rites. Then, hail to thee, Queen of the Night! Hail to thee, Diana, Triformis; Cynthia, Orthia, Taurica; ever mighty, ever lovely, ever holy!

Even modern mathematical investigations have been supposed to point to a Deus triformis, though of course quite another one from that which ancient Rome honored. For reasons previously given, an analysis of the formal law itself does not yield these elements.

How are the lumps which Ulysses gave thee at Troy, and what is he doing himself in the Elysian Fields?" "Noble lord," answered Chilo Chilonides, "Ulysses, the wisest of the dead, sends a greeting through me to Petronius, the wisest of the living, and the request to cover my lumps with a new mantle." "By Hecate Triformis!" exclaimed Petronius, "the answer deserves a new mantle."

Quis justi sacrum caput ense recidit? Femina, quae matris cumulavit crimine crimen, Incestum gravem graviori caede notavit.... "Chimeram Cui non immerito fertur data forma triformis, Nam pars prima leo, pars ultima cauda draconis, Et mediae partes nil sunt nisi fervidus ignis." 'Well, of course, that quite carries out your views of women. And now tell me what I am to say to your mother.

Giovannelli's spacious hall, consecrated on ordinary occasions to the Terpsichorean art, I found it a veritable shrine of the "Diva triformis."