I asked if she wore it before the Queen; I was told yes. Je ne comprens rien a cela. The whole behaviour of the Queen, in her present wretched, humiliated state, is touchante et interessante au dernier point. Elle ne rit, que quand elle ne songe pas a ses malheurs. But now, four les Evangiles du jour. I had a letter from Warner this morning before I left Richmond, dated last Thursday night.

The official hesitated, and the onlookers, their sympathies engaged, murmured, "Ah, pauvre chien!" "C'est l'affection vois-tu?" "Il aime le chien, c'est naturel!" "L'affection, c'est toujours touchante!" The Commissionaire, his own inclination thus backed up by the prevailing sentiment, turned to me, and said

Dobson says she was scarcely the discrète et insinuante et touchante Lamballe, with a marvellous sang-froid, hardly the astute diplomatist, that De Lescure makes her. "She was rather the quiet, imposing Lamballe of old, interested in her friends and what she could do for them, but never shrewd and diplomatic."

But a cat looking on a king, could not, in all probability, have more innocent consequences. Lord Cornwallis's letter to Mr. Webster's father on the death of his son est tres touchante. The town empties extremely. I reckon my stay to be from this time about five weeks.