MSS. Com. Monmouth's lurking-place was known at Whitehall, and those who revealed it went the wrong way to work to win Court favour. Apart from the attractions of Lady Wentworth, whose companionship made the fugitive's enforced seclusion at Toddington, in Bedfordshire, far from tedious, the mansion was desirable at that particular time on account of its hiding facilities.

John suggested that they should climb to the top of Toddington Mount, and view the immense plain which stretches away in dim blue vapour and a thousand fields. You see John and Kitty as they cross the wide park towards the vista in the circling elms, she swinging her parasol, he carrying stiffly his grave canonical cane.

C.S. Martin, who had many years' experience on the fruit plantations of the Toddington Orchard Company, extending to about 700 acres, as well as on his own plantations at Dunnington, writes to me as follows on the subject: "To catch the queens in the spring is to my mind a waste of time, and I discontinued paying for their capture, as the number visible in the spring appeared to bear no relation to the resulting summer nests.

The easy-going king had to make some external show towards an attempt to capture his erring son, therefore instructions were given with this purpose, but to a courtier and diplomatist who valued his own interests. Toddington Place, therefore, was not explored.

You can see Brighton and Southwick and Worthing. Oh! it is beautiful! I often go for a walk there with my friends, the Austen girls you saw them here at the Meet." "Yes, Mr Austen has a very nice property; it extends right into the town of Shoreham, does it not?" "Yes, and right up to Toddington Mount, where we are going. But aren't you a little tired, John? These roads are very steep."

The abrupt ascents of Toddington Mount bear away to the left, and tide-like the fields flow up into the great gulf between. "He's making for the furze, but he'll never reach them; he got no start, and the ground is heavy." Then the watchers saw the horsemen making their way up the chalky roads cut in the precipitous side of the downs.

Such was the dust with which the dust of Monmouth mingled. Yet a few months, and the quiet village of Toddington, in Bedfordshire, witnessed a still sadder funeral. Near that village stood an ancient and stately hall, the seat of the Wentworths. The transept of the parish church had long been their burial place.