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The archbishops and bishops of the realme of England, and the abbats also, haue by my commandement sworne fealtie vnto the duke; and the bishops and abbats that hereafter shall be made and aduanced here within the realme of England shall likewise sweare fealtie to him.

Which if you performe not, wee protest by these our leters against you, that you are the cause of all the inconueniences which may ensue vpon this occasion, as the authour thereof, contrary to the holy league sworne by both our Princes, as by the priuileges, which this our seruant will shewe you, may appeare.

For the better execution of which ordinance, it was ordeined, that inquests should be taken by sufficient iurors, what they were that were able to haue armour by their abilitie in lands and goods. Also the K. would, that none should be sworne to haue armour, except he were a frée man of birth and bloud. Ran.

For when king Stephan required of him an oth of allegiance, he answered that he was once sworne alreadie vnto Maud the empresse. Howbeit to gratifie him, he commanded his son Henrie to receiue that oth, for the which the king gaue him the earledome of Huntington to hold of him for euer. Matth. Paris. Simon Dun. Baldwin Reduers.

If he were sure to flie, he were sure to escape. Cap. Do. Ri. The shipps may come home. Hee! Do. You were best use me well, now we are married. I will be sworne you forc'd me to the Church And thrice compeld me there to say I Dorothy. The Parsons oath and mine, for ought I know, May make it halfe a rape. Ri. There is no remedy; We can prove no conspiracie.

The same morning our captain read vnto vs those very articles which before had bin read vnto vs in the prince Mauritz his Court, and afterwards we altogether, and with one accord were sworne to the keeping of them: At noone we were neere vnto Beuersier hauing a fine gale out of the East Northeast, the euening was calme, the foremost shippes slacked their sailes, attending the comming in of the hindermost.

Allso sd An saith yt last summer she had a sow very sick and sd Mercy cam bye & she called to her & bad her on-bewitch her sow & tould her yt folks talked of ducking her but if she would not onbewitch her sow she should need no ducking & soon after yt her sow was well and eat her meat." That both what is on this side & the other is sworne in court. "Sept 15, 92. Attests, John Allyn Secy"

Be advisd, Sir; I love you as a friend, and as a wise man Have ever honourd you: be as you were then, And I am still the same. Had I not heard Theis last distemperd words, I would have sworne That in the making up of Barnavelt Reason had only wrought, passion no hand in't.

"Luce Pell, the wife of Thomas Pell, being sworne deposeth as followeth, that aboute a day after goodwife Knapp was condemned for a witch, Mris.

By no meanes; the author has sworne to the contrary, least it should grow so wonderous old and turne a Ballad. Crac. Well said, Captain; the tother health, Captain: heres good wine, good Tobackoe, good everything: had we but a good wench or two twere excellent. Suc. Great Alexander, does not dreame of this, I warrant yee. Grimes.

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