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He was after a hare yesterday, and it took him a chase over that mountain, and down it went and took shelter in the cave, and in went the boy after it, and as he was groping about, he lights on an old great coat; and he brought it home with him, and was showing it, as I was boiling the potatoes for their dinner yesterday, to his father forenent me; and turning the pockets inside out, what should come up but the broken head of a pipe; then he sarches in the other pocket, and finds a paper written all over I could not read it thank God, I never could read none of them wicked things, nor could the boy by very great luck he could not, being no scholar, or it would be all over the country before this."

It brings ter ther human ear the tones uv ther ocean when it sobs agin ther sands; it steals ther echo of the melodies thet the winds wakes when they touches ther arms uv ther great pines on ther mountain tops and makes 'em ther harps; it steals ther babble from the brooks; it calls back all ther voices of the woods when within 'em ther matin' birds is all singin' in chorus; it borrers ther thunder from ther storm; it sarches ther whole world for melodies, 'nd blends 'em all for our use.

Well, miss, she sticks her parasole into this here, and turns it about, as if she was agoing to spread it: says she, 'I must know the de-com-po-si-tion of this 'ere, as you keeps under the noses of your young folk. Well, I seed her agoing her rounds, and the folk had told me her ways; so I did set me down to my knitting and wait for her, and when she came to me I offered her a seat; so she sat down, and says she 'This is the one clean house in the village, says she: 'you might eat your dinner off the floor, let alone the chairs and tables. 'You are very good, miss, says I. Says she, 'I wonder whether upstairs is as nice as this? 'Well, says I, 'them as keep it downstairs keeps it hup; I don't drop cleanliness on the stairs, you may be sure. 'I suppose not, says she, 'but I should like to see. That was what I was a-waiting for, you know, so I said to her, 'Curiosity do breed curiosity, says I. 'Afore you sarches this here house from top to bottom I should like to see the warrant. 'What warrant? says she.