The habits of industry and good conduct acquired when in confinement have to be accommodated to new conditions, and if unassisted the task is often too great. The consequence is that he falls away and rejoins his old companions and soon becomes a recidivist. The indeterminate sentence allows for his freedom being regained gradually.

"This specimen was of English parentage, was a professional burglar, a confirmed recidivist, and since he habitually carried firearms a potential homicide. He was nearly illiterate and occasionally but not chronically alcoholic. "Cranial capacity 1594 cc. Cephalic index 76.8. "For finger-prints see Album D 1, p. 1. Number 1."

The Communist insurrection of 1871 bequeathed one contribution almost as hideous as itself, namely 'petroleuse, to the language. It is quite recently that we have made any acquaintance with 'recidivist' one, that is, who falls back once more on criminal courses.

Two attacks in the same prisoner of what seem to have been typical stupor are reported by Kutner and Chotzen. The patient was a recidivist of unstable mental make-up. At the age of 34 he was sent to prison for three years. Shortly after confinement began, he became stuporous, being mute and negativistic, soiling, refusing food and showing stereotypy.

This classication ranges them under five different headings, the political criminal, the occasional criminal, the criminal of passion, the instinctive criminal, and the habitual criminal or recidivist. Again they are classified, according to the nature of their crime, into thieves, robbers, violators, assassins, murderers, swindlers, etc.

All of which goes to argue that if the Fatherland were to fall into such a state of democratic tolerance that no recidivist need carry a defensive hyphen to shield him from the importunate attentions of the Imperial government, German colonies would also come into bearing; although, it is true, they would have no value to the German government.

=The Habitual Criminal, or the Recidivist.= When once a man has fallen into the clutches of the law and been incarcerated it is very difficult for him to keep his self-respect. His first crime may present many features to indicate that he is more the victim of circumstances than well-defined ill-will.