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As he sat there his eye caught sight of something interesting on Rayder's desk. The door was closed and he was alone. He leaned forward and took up some slips of paper for closer inspection. They were certificates of assay from Pendleton. The pleased look vanished as he noted Amos No. 1, Amos No. 2, Amos No. 3, and so on for a dozen or more slips.

It is like marrying December to May, you sixty and she nineteen, pretty and vivacious warm up your old bones, eh?" Rayder's eyes shone and he stroked his beard with delight. "Charley," he called to his office boy, "bring up a quart of whisky, some lemons and sugar." "Sweet creature, I love thee," said Amos a few minutes later, holding up a half goblet of whisky.

They bore the woman to an adjoining room, where she soon recovered, but it was such a shock to Rayder's nerves that he went out and braced up on a little more gin. I was at the governor's reception in the state capitol of Colorado. The rooms and corridors were brilliantly lighted. Men and women in rich attire were there to do honor to the occasion.

Rayder's first and best impulse was to see Carson and warn him of impending danger. His second thought was that such a course would be bad financial policy. No, he would let the woman kill him if she could and he would jump the claim himself. He was certain now of its fabulous value and determined to have it at any price.

"I like to hear that name spoken, it was my old home in Scotland." Amos sat in the little back room of Rayder's office in Denver. His beady black eyes glistened beneath his beetle brows. A pleased expression shone on his thin face, drawn in wrinkles like stained parchment. Rayder was out, but had left instructions for him to wait.

"Good, thet's relief; sooner I get it easier mind'll be. Nuthin' like 'mediate action to relieve man's mind, you know. Let's take nuther drink and ye can write th' check with steadier hand." Rayder swallowed another drink while Amos fumbled about the desk until he found Rayder's check book. "Bet ye can't spell ten without making a crook.