I wonder if the old sisters are gone?... The Princes were a great family here years and years ago, but gradually they died out and dwindled away, until last summer there were only two old maiden-aunts left lovely, low-voiced old gentlewomen, whom it was so hard to pay for their flowers. But they lived from their gardens and now they're gone, it seems. I must ask to-morrow what has become of them.

A clipping-bureau had written, offering to furnish them at five cents apiece; and this was moderate, considering that there were only a dozen altogether. Most of these were from unimportant out-of-town papers, whose book-reviews are written by the high-school nieces and the elderly maiden-aunts of the publishers.

Fresh flowers everywhere, and one bright room with two small white beds. "The maiden-aunts," Cairns said hoarsely. At length, he held open for her to enter, the door of the great front room, filled with Northern brightness from a skylight of modern proportions. "Why, David," she whispered raptly, "it's like a studio! It is a studio!"

"I've arranged for servants, of course," he said. "I think dinner is nearly ready.... The table wasn't set for maiden-aunts " "The long summer's work together " she said, in an awed voice. "But first, our dinner together you and I here oh, Vina!" "... But, David,... you said dinner first!"

"I love your telling me that, David," she said. "I could hardly hold the happiness of it so long," he added. "Last night it was hard, too.... So Bedient and I came over and met the maiden-aunts. Such a rare time we had together and yet, deep within, he was suffering." "He went away almost immediately afterward, didn't he?" "Yes.... Vina, do you think he couldn't make Beth forget the Other?"