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Hence the outrageously aggressive tone of his writings wherever he alludes either to Christianity or to Mahomedanism.

To some it may seem, at first sight, a curious circumstance that the same remarks may be applied to the history of Mahomedanism in India. The idols were broken and the one God declared. But how long was it before the people, like the Israelites of old, fell away from the grand central doctrine of Mahomedanism the unity of God?

They nearly destroyed the ancient religious feeling of Spain, so cultivated and tolerant from its continual intercourse with Mahomedanism and Judaism; that Spanish Church, whose priests lived peacefully in the towns with the alfaqui and the rabbi, and who punished with moral penalties those who from excess of zeal disturbed the worship of the infidels.

The Foolahs are tall, well-limbed, robust and courageous, grave in their deportment, are well acquainted with commerce, and travel over an astonishing space of the country. Their religion is a mixture of Mahomedanism, idolatry, and fetishism.

The Malays profess Mahomedanism; but Budruden in many points followed European customs, both in dress and drinking wine. The residence of Mr. Brooke is on the side of the river opposite to the town, as, for the most part, are all the houses of the Europeans.

Miss Griffin was a model of propriety, and I am at a loss to imagine what the feelings of the virtuous woman would have been, if she had known, when she paraded us down the Hampstead Road two and two, that she was walking with a stately step at the head of Polygamy and Mahomedanism. It was wonderfully kept, but was once upon the verge of self-betrayal. The danger and escape occurred upon a Sunday.

Judaism, Paganism, Mahomedanism, could neither of them have any claims; nor in fact could what people call Deism, or the belief in one God.

These people are a distinct sect, who claim to restore Mahomedanism to its primitive simplicity.

Mahomedanism in its day was a powerful force arrayed against caste, but its regenerating power has long ago evaporated, for in many districts of India caste ideas are found flourishing among the Mahomedan converts from Hinduism. They have carried over the caste ideas from their old to their new religion.

According to this reasoning, it must be apparent to you that railways are a most dangerous institution. Man has therefore gone further away from his Maker. READER: But I am impatient to hear your answer to my question. Has the introduction of Mahomedanism not unmade the nation? The introduction of foreigners does not necessarily destroy the nation, they merge in it.