I was particularly struck by the pheasants, some of which shone with quite a metallic lustre; and there were some not less beautiful specimens of heathcocks. I had now seen all, and therefore asked the doctor to order me a conveyance to Indor, 180 miles distant, for the next day.

The saloons, rooms, and internal arrangements corresponded to the high expectations which the sight of the outside raised. It was a Sunday, and I had the pleasure of finding the whole European society of Indor assembled at the house of the resident. It consisted of three families.

And not only in Indor, but everywhere else that he was known, I heard his name always mentioned with the most profound respect. On the 23rd of February I left Indor on my way to the little village of Simarola. The road led through delightful groves of palm-trees and richly cultivated land. In Simarola, I found a pretty and comfortably furnished tent, which Mr.

Upon the road from Indor to Auranjabad, there are no bungalows with rooms, and it is very seldom that even an open one is to be found that is, a building with three wooden walls, over which a roof is thrown. We found one of these bungalows in Bodur. It was indeed already taken possession of by about a dozen Indian soldiers, but they withdrew unasked, and gave up to me half of the airy chamber.

Near Indor he left the river on his left. By this time it was becoming dark. Smith still slept, and Rodier, who was not able to steer by the stars, was considering whether he had not better waken his employer when he spied the characteristic glare from a locomotive furnace far ahead.

The people consider them much superior to the ordinary servants. Children are generally considered as impure until the ninth year, and are therefore not subject to the laws of their religion. The god Vishnu is represented as a tortoise. Although only the beginning of spring, the temperature rose during the day as high as 95-99 degrees Fah. Indor lies 2,000 feet above the level of the sea.

Daulat Rao Sindhia Thomas adopted by Appa Khandi Rao Revolution at Sardhana Begam Sumroo attacked but delivered Begam Sumroo becomes a wiser Woman Movements of Afghans De Boigne retires General Perron Musalman intrigues Afghans checked Succession in Audh War of "The Bais" Afghans and British Rising of Shimbunath Thomas independent Revolt of Lakwa Dada Holkar's defeat at Indor Power of Perron.

The latter, who was also a German, was moved even to tears when she saw me: for fifteen years she had not spoken with a fellow-countrywoman. The town of Indor contains nearly 25,000 inhabitants; it is not fortified; the houses are built in the same manner as those in Udjein. The royal palace stands in the centre of the town, and forms a quadrangle.

In the afternoon I reached Indor, the capital of the kingdom of Holkar. As I approached the dwelling of the Europeans, I found them just about to ride out. The equipage of the resident, Mr. Hamilton, to whom I had letters, was distinguishable from the others by its greater splendour.