Rupture may take place externally, or into the cellular tissue of the iliac fossa. These aneurysms have to be diagnosed from pulsating sarcoma growing from the pelvic bones, and from an abscess or a mass of enlarged lymph glands overlying the artery and transmitting its pulsation.

He had one daughter, and there his hopes of posterity ended; for soon afterward his wife died of a violent illness which the doctors called iliac passion. He then left that part of the country and returned but rarely to his estates. These were situated about six leagues from Roche-Mauprat, on the borders of the Varenne du Fromental.

At times the evacuation took place without effort, but was occasionally attended with slight pain in the esophagus and slight convulsions. Several hours before the evacuation the abdomen was hard and distended, which appearance vanished in the evening. In this case there was a history of an injury in the upper iliac region.

In the innominate bones of a young child the box-shape exists, while its prominent abdomen resembles that of the gorilla. The gibbon exhibits this iliac expansion through the sitting posture which developed his ischial callosities. Similarly iliac expansion occurs in the chimpanzee.

All these facts may be easily observed by any one, who takes a brisk purge. Where the stimulus on the stomach, or on some other part of the intestinal canal, is still more permanent, not only the lacteal vessels, but the whole canal itself, becomes inverted from its associations: this is the iliac passion, in which all the fluids mentioned above are thrown up by the mouth.

Besides these there are also other various diseases; as lipothamia, which is a total faintness of body, and defect of strength; paralysis, which is a loosening and relaxation of the membranes and ligaments which serve for motion; epilepsy; permanent infirmity arising from apoplexy; certain chronical diseases; the iliac passion; rupture; besides other diseases, which the science of pathology teaches.

When a tourniquet cannot conveniently be applied, or when its presence interferes with the carrying out of the operation as, for example, in amputations at the hip or shoulder the hæmorrhage may be controlled by preliminary ligation of the main artery above the seat of operation for instance, the external iliac or the subclavian.

"My goodness, child precious, those vagabonds are here! To think of your never having been serenaded before!" She drew the girl to the window and pointed to a group of dim figures near the iliac bushes. "The dear, delightful vagabonds!" she chuckled. "I knew they'd come!

The lumbosacral plexus results substantially from the union of the ventral branches of the last three lumbar and the first two sacral nerves, but it derives a small root from the third lumbar nerve also. The anterior part of the plexus lies in front of the internal iliac artery, between the lumbar transverse processes and the psoas minor.

Sydenham, in the iliac passion, orders a live kitten to be constantly applied to the abdomen; others have used pigeons split alive, applied to the soles of the feet, with success, in pestilential fevers and convulsions.