In the ordinary course of things I shouldn't have met her, but she served in a shop where I went two or three times to get a newspaper; we talked a little with absolute propriety on my part, I assure you and she knew that I was a friend of the Goodalls. The girl had no parents, and she was on the point of going to London to live with a married sister.

They were a clan who stuck together, these Goodalls. It was arranged that Fanny should come to tea again on the Sunday, and the wedding was discussed. It should take place in a fortnight's time at Morley Chapel. Morley was a hamlet on the edge of the real country, and in its little Congregational Chapel Fanny and Harry had first met. What a creature of habit he was!

He looked fondly on his glass-houses, and despairingly on his Friths, Goodalls, and Bouguereaus, and he wondered if they would look as well in the new rooms as in the old, and what sum they would realise if he were to include them in the auction; for an auction was necessary. Mr.

He said a few words to Willy, and was soon loudly ordering the workmen who were taking the Goodalls and the Friths from the walls. "Take care, there! Hi, you! get on the ladder and take hold of this end of the picture. There, that's better! That's the way to do it!" "That's what he said when he shot my bird," Willy whispered; and they tried to laugh as they went upstairs.

That was no close for a perfect day. 'I found a letter from your cousin. She was with her friends the Goodalls yesterday. 'The Goodalls I used to know them. 'Yes. The word was uttered with significance. Everard understood the allusion, but did not care to show that he did. 'How does Mary get on without you? 'There's no difficulty. 'Has she any one capable of taking your place? 'Yes.