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Excellent fooling, but a bit too long and heavy-handed for the truest ironic effect. Many of our Presidents, however little given to the use of the pen, have been successful coiners of phrases phrases that have stuck: "entangling alliances," "era of good feeling," "innocuous desuetude," "a condition, not a theory."

Though the imprimatur in question has fallen into desuetude, it is, as we all know, the commonest of things for the introductions to works of science to occupy some often considerable part of their space with acknowledgments of assistance given by learned friends who have read the manuscript or the proofs and made suggestions with the object of improving the book or adding to its accuracy.

Great controversy arose over the abolition of the accustomed book, and church-quarrels were rife; but the end of the century saw the dearly loved old version consigned to desuetude, uever again to be opened, alas! but by critical or inquisitive readers. It is in the original light-colored, time-stained parchment binding, and contains the autograph of Stephen Sewall.

It remains ancient without having lapsed into a state of desuetude that leaves everything to the imagination; it is a living whole far from any of the garishness that belongs to contemporaneity.

But, as may be readily supposed, all this has been materially modified. Many of the minute and rigorous precautions for preventing communication with the world outside the conclave have also fallen into desuetude.

Imposts fallen into desuetude, monopolies abandoned by Elizabeth, royal forests extended beyond the limits they had in feudal times, fines past all endurance, confiscations without end, imprisonments, tortures, and executions, all marked these eleven years. The sum for fines alone, in this period, amounted to more than two hundred thousand pounds.

There is a tremendous point there. It can be put into the form of a maxim: Get your formalities right never mind about the moralities. It was an impudent thing; but England had to put up with it. Now, in the case of Madagascar, the formalities had originally been observed, but by neglect they had fallen into desuetude ages ago. England should have snatched Madagascar from the French clothes-line.

The grade of Lieutenant General of the Army of the United States in desuetude since the days of Washington, except by brevet, in the case of Winfield Scott, having been especially revived by Congress for and filled by the appointment and confirmation of Grant, March 2, 1864, that great soldier immediately came on to Washington, received his commission at the hands of President Lincoln, in the cabinet chamber of the White House, on the 9th, paid a flying visit to the Army of the Potomac, on the 10th, and at once returned to Nashville to plan future movements.

A man of the breadth of acquaintance, of the breadth of interests, that was John Schuyler's may not fall to desuetude unwatchful. And Blake heard, at clubs, at theatres, wherever men congregate, of Schuyler, and of the life that was his. And he, as little as they, could explain. Schuyler was drinking, they told him drinking hard. The woman? Was she still in New York?

The adventure was too perilous, too impossible not to be attempted and carried out. Suddenly all the bells in the town rang out the curfew, a custom fallen elsewhere into desuetude, but still observed in the provinces, where venerable habits are abolished slowly. Though the lights were not put out, the watchmen of each quarter stretched the chains across the streets.

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