Hark, here Laban comes himself, 'a b'lieve." A footstep drew near. "Laban?" "Yes, 'tis I." said Tall. "Have ye heard any more about that?" "No." said Tall, joining the group. "And I'm in- clined to think we'd better keep quiet. If so be 'tis not true, 'twill flurry her, and do her much harm to repeat it; and if so be 'tis true, 'twill do no good to forestall her time o' trouble.

"Was you, though?" "Yes. Mamma says she is 'clined to think it was the two whole bananas and the choc'late creams, but I think it was the fried potatoes. I was sick twice no, three times. Please, I asked you something. Are you the windmill man?" Jed, by this time very much amused, looked her over once more.

Andy looked up innocently at Sam, surprised at hearing this new geographical fact, but instantly confirmed what he said, by a vehement reiteration. "Cause," said Sam, "I'd rather be 'clined to 'magine that Lizy 'd take de dirt road, bein' it's the least travelled."

And Candace ended with a guttural howl, and stood frowning and gloomy over the top of her long kitchen-shovel, like a black Bellona leaning on her spear of battle. Digo recoiled a little, but stood too well in his own esteem to give up; so he shifted his attack. "Well, for my part, I must say I never was 'clined to your Doctor's 'pinions. Why, now, Dr.

Mis' Hawley says she looked like she was due at a funeral 'stid of a weddin'. 'Clined to be stuck up, accordin' to Mis' Hawley shied at hearin' about Walt he-he! I'll bet there ain't been a transient to that hotel in the last five year, man or woman, that ain't had to hear about Walt and the shotgun Pop's all right on a hot day, you bet!