Ef you go unner hyar in the middle o' this sage-brush, Walt Wilder air goin' to wrap his karkiss in a corner o' the same windin' sheet. There ain't much strength remainin' in my arms now, but enuf, I reck'n, to keep them buzzarts off for a good spell yit. They don't pick our bones till I've thinned thar count anyhow.

No longer preserving his statue-like pose, his body began to sway from side to side; while at intervals, he stamped the ground with his heavy heel. From the increasing anger that betrayed itself in his looks, I expected an explosion. It came at length. "Durn them buzzarts!" cried he, with a hurried gesture, "thar agwine to keep us stannin' hyur till sundown.

"I seed the buzzarts still flyin' about, an' fresh ones a-comin'. I tuk a idee that I mout git my claws upon some o' 'em. So I lay down clost up agin the calf, an' played 'possum. "I wa'n't long that a way when the birds begun to light on the sandbar, an' a big cock kim floppin' up to the karkidge. Afore he kud flop up agin, I grupped him by the legs." "Hooraw! well done, by gollies!"

When I kim closer, I seed it wur the karkidge o' a buffler calf at that an' a couple o' buzzarts floppin' about on the thing, pickin' its peepers out. 'Twur far out, an' the water deep; but I'd made up my mind to fetch it ashore. I wa'n't long in strippin', I reckin." Here the hunters interrupted Rube's story with a laugh. "I tuk the water, an' swam out.

Now, what ked they a done wi' him?" The speaker cast a glance around, as if seeking for an answer. "Heigh!" he exclaimed, pointing to some object, on which he had fixed his glance. "Yonder we'll find him! See the buzzarts! The old hoss's past prayin' for, I'll be boun'." It was as the hunter had conjectured.

"About the first shot? Who is to give the signal?" "I've thort o' that a'ready. It'll be all right, promise ye." "In what way can you arrange it?" "This way. Thur's a hunk o' deer-meat in the house: I mean to fetch that out, and chuck it over thur, into the middle o' the clarin'. Ye see them buzzarts up thur on the dead-woods?" I nodded in the affirmative.