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People pretend the bughar wahoush does not drink; perhaps they don't drink much. But both the wild ox and the aoudad are occasionally caught near the wells, a sufficient proof they sometimes drink water. I cooked some, and found it of excellent flavour. People call this animal also medicine. I purchased half of one to salt for my journey to Ghat, but spoilt it by too much salting.

Silva and Levi affair subsiding. Suffer from Bad Health. Pet Ostrich. Longevity in The Desert. Mahometan Doctrine of Judicial Blindness. Custom of Dipping and Sopping in Meats. Mahometan Propositional Form of Doctrine. The Wild-Ox, or Bughar Wahoush. Salting and Drying Meat for Preservation. My Friend, the Arab Doctor. Ravages of Shânbah Brigandage. The Immemorial Character of the Arab.

The Rais: "Well, you are your own master; the Pasha says you may go if you like. The Ghadamseeah and Touaricks are one people; make friends with them. But I'm sorry, after you have seen all my kindness to you, my advice is nevertheless rejected." The Rais now saw I was inexorable, and left off advising. To-day some wild-ox, bughar wahoush , ‮بقر وحوش‬ was brought in from The Desert.

They came and went, and went and came, snuffing up the sand and bellowing. The man and the boy, who cut the wood yesterday, saw the Bughar. But the wild oxen are not the Shânbah!" As soon as he mentioned the Bughar, the people rushing out of the Bey's apartment, ran away, and before I could get my dinner, a portion of the ghafalah was on the move.