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* Rush. vol. vii, p. 457. Rush. vol. vii. p. 458. * Rush. vol. vii. p. 461, 556. Rush. vol. vii. p. 468. v Rush. vol. vii. p. 474. The parliament, too, resolved, if possible, to preserve their dominion; but being destitute of power; and not retaining much authority, it was not easy for them to employ any expedient which could contribute to their purpose.

Neriglissar reigned from B.C. 559 to B.C. 556, and dying a natural death in the last-named year, left his throne to his son, Laborosoarchod, or Labossoracus. This prince, who was a mere boy, and therefore quite unequal to the task of governing a great empire in critical times, was not allowed to retain the crown many months.

The earliest of the before-mentioned chairs, namely, the one at Ravenna, was made for the Archbishop about 546 to 556, and is thus described in Mr. Maskell's "Handbook on Ivories," in the Science and Art series: "The chair has a high back, round in shape, and is entirely covered with plaques of ivory arranged in panels carved in high relief with scenes from the Gospels and with figures of saints.

The Celts, nevertheless, continued the struggle; the same Roman army which had conquered at Cremona was next year , chiefly through the fault of its careless leader, almost destroyed by the Insubres; and it was not till 556 that Placentia could be partially re-established.

For interest on the public debt 59,160,131.25 Total 265,408,137.54 Leaving a surplus revenue of $132,879,444.41, which, with an amount drawn from the cash balance in the Treasury of $1,299,312.55, making $134,178,756.96, was applied to the redemption Of bonds for the sinking fund $44,850,700.00 Of fractional currency for the sinking fund 46,556.96

The definite testimony of Hieronymus, who places the betrothal of the Syrian princess Cleopatra with Ptolemy Epiphanes in 556, taken in connection with the hints in Liv. xxxiii. 40 and Appian. Syr. 3, and with the actual accomplishment of the marriage in 561, puts it beyond a doubt that the interference of the Romans in the affairs of Egypt was in this case formally uncalled for.

The revenues of the last fiscal year amounted to $14,556,158 and the expenditures to $13,694,728, leaving a surplus of receipts over expenditures of $861,430. Progress has been made in restoring the postal service in the Southern States.

553 Larry of the Lantern; or, The Smugglers of the Irish Coast. By Berton Bertrew. 554 My Chum Charlie; or, The Strange Adventures of Two New York Boys. By Howard Austin. 555 The Boyhood Days of "Pawnee Bill"; or, From the Schoolroom to the Frontier. By An Old Scout. 556 The Young Deserters; or, The Mystery of Ramsey Island. By Capt. Thos. H. Wilson.

About the year of Rome 556, Scipio had succeeded in reducing all Spain. It does not appear, however, that the Romans were thus enabled greatly to extend their commerce; indeed, at this period, we have no evidence that any other town in Spain, except Gades, possessed any considerable trade.

Hence, though there could be little to debate where both parties were substantially at one, the negotiations begun in May A.D. 556 were not concluded till after the commencement of the following year. A complete suspension of hostilities was then agreed upon, to extend to Lazica no less than to the other dominions of the two monarchs.

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