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On one part of our route our people pretended to trace the sand-prints of the wadan, and others affirmed them to be the foot-marks of the wild-ox. I must except the sight of a few small birds, black all over but the tails. Some one or two had white heads, as well as white tails. People say these birds drink no water, as they say many animals of The Sahara drink no water.

Silva and Levi affair subsiding. Suffer from Bad Health. Pet Ostrich. Longevity in The Desert. Mahometan Doctrine of Judicial Blindness. Custom of Dipping and Sopping in Meats. Mahometan Propositional Form of Doctrine. The Wild-Ox, or Bughar Wahoush. Salting and Drying Meat for Preservation. My Friend, the Arab Doctor. Ravages of Shânbah Brigandage. The Immemorial Character of the Arab.

The Rais: "Well, you are your own master; the Pasha says you may go if you like. The Ghadamseeah and Touaricks are one people; make friends with them. But I'm sorry, after you have seen all my kindness to you, my advice is nevertheless rejected." The Rais now saw I was inexorable, and left off advising. To-day some wild-ox, bughar wahoush , ‮بقر وحوش‬ was brought in from The Desert.

The Lygians did not cross the boundary, indeed; but barbarians come and go like a tempest. So did the Lygians vanish with their wild-ox horns on their heads. They killed Vannius's Suevi and Yazygi; but their own king fell. They disappeared with their booty then, and the hostages remained in Hister's hands.