It was here also that he met Amalie Seebald of whom mention has already been made. She was a fine singer, and a beautiful, amiable woman of considerable talent. Beethoven wrote the following in her album: Ludwig van Beethoven Den Sie wenn Sie wollten Doch nicht vergessen sollten. Ludwig van Beethoven Whom if you would Forget, you never should.

Our major-domo was somehow equal to them all, and when the rush of service was partly over, I found an opportunity to ask him how many languages he spoke. He answered in a tone of apology and regret: "Onily twelluv, ich habe vergessen les autres!"

He represented "Materialindex," and called out loudly, "Ich bitte mich nicht zu vergessen. Ich bin auch da." I was "Methode," which nobody wanted to claim; whereat I wept. I am looking at the flashlight picture of us all at this moment. Then came the dancing, and then at about four o'clock the walk home in the moonlight, by the old castle ruin in Handschusheim, singing the German student-songs.

A delicate color flooded her face, and finally settled in the tip of her nose. In her own way she loved the children. "Ach, mein Herr," almost screamed Fräulein, who adored Hester, and saw the gravity of the occasion, "aber Sie vergessen that the Herr Doctor Br-r-r-r-r-own has so strong so very strong command "

"Perhaps," said Dove, mouthing deliberately as if he had a good thing on his tongue; perhaps, by now, he is safe in the arms of " "Jesus or Morpheus?" asked a cockney 'cellist. "Safe in the arms of Jesus!" sang the tipsy pianist; but he was outsung by Krafft, who, rising from his seat, gave with dramatic gesture: O sink' hernieder, Nacht der Liebe, gieb Vergessen, dass ich lebe ...