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I've had a fair offer to sell the 'Guardian' over at Simpson's Bar, and it's time I quit throwin' away the work of a man like Lacy Bassett upon it. And between you and me, I've got an idea and suthin' better to put his talens into." It was not long before it became evident that the "talens" of Mr. Lacy Bassett, as indicated by Captain Jim, were to grasp at a seat in the state legislature.

Of course, the time is past when one would state this so frankly, though Comte comes quite near it, to say nothing of the Mormons; but this formula really lies at the bottom of the reasoning one hears every day. The answer is: Soul before sex. Give an equal chance, and let genius and industry to the rest. La carrière ouverte aux talens.

"La musique est le seul des talens qui jouissent de lui-meme; tons les autres veulent des temoins."* MARMONTEL. * Music is the sole talent which gives pleasure of itself; all the others require witnesses. "Thus the slow ox would gaudy trappings claim."

"Le nom de Miranda," wrote Brissot to Dumouriez, "lui vaudra une armee; et ses talens, son courage, son genie, tout nous repond du succes." Monge, Gensonne, Claviere, Petion, were pleased with the plan, but Miranda started difficulties.

"La carriere ouverte aux talens, The implements to him who can handle them:" this actually is the truth, and even the whole truth; it includes whatever the French Revolution or any Revolution, could mean. Napoleon, in his first period, was a true Democrat.