We had made a long and painful toilette that morning, and felt quite shy of one another as we sculled towards the pier, in much-creased blue suits, conventional collars, and brown boots.

The man in uniform smiled; smiled still more when John Clare searched in his pockets, withdrawing a much-creased, dirty-looking piece of paper. 'Original Trifles, exclaimed the tall gentleman; reading the paper; 'Ah, I thank you, thank you very much. Not in my line. Which saying, he vanished behind the counter of the tap-room.

The grooms were mounted; one held the delicate-limbed white Arab, the other the great black horse. 'I would rather be an angel than God! The little girl who made the remark was an ideal specimen of the village Sunday-school child. Blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked, thick-legged, with her straight brown hair tied into a hard bunch with a much-creased, cherry- coloured ribbon.

His devotions over, he tracked out Mr. Kosminski, whose address on a much-creased bit of paper had been his talisman of hope during the voyage. In his native town, where the Jews groaned beneath divers and sore oppressions, the fame of Kosminski, the pioneer, the Croesus, was a legend. Mr. Kosminski was prepared for these contingencies.

His chilled fingers picked at the fastening of the pocket. There was no packet of papers thereneither the sheets for the horse, nor the much-creased strip of the parole, nor the sealed envelope which had held both letters. Instead he plucked out what felt like shreds of grass and leaves, dry and crackling. "What is it?" Anse leaned forward. "My papersthey’re gone!"